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In ’09, OKCupid published their first post exploring just how
competition factored  into interest on the site
— while the effects would not rather recommend a colorblind utopia of post-racial love. Many races favored currently inside their own competition. Asian guys and black guys was given less emails than white men, while black women received the fewest communications of all customers. Nowadays, OKCupid information boffins
launched another article,
revisiting the info to find out if everything had changed during the period of five years. Clearly daters had be open-minded after a while!

Sorry, individuals: a glance at 2014 information shows that there’s been small improvement. As well as in fact, produces OKCupid co-founder Christian Rudder, racial prejudice seemingly have obtained considerably more pronounced in the long run. You should check down all of the numbers
right here

All in all, the results seem to display significantly less about OKCupid and its customers (in reality, Rudder explains this routine is normal on other dating sites as well)  than about culture’s prevailing beauty standards plus the techniques they skew toward whiteness.

Rudder writes: “Beauty is a social idea up to an actual one, therefore the requirement is needless to say ready by the principal society. I believe that is what you find inside the data right here …. One interesting thing about OKCupid’s software is the fact that we allow individuals to select several race, so you’re able to in fact glance at people who’ve combined ‘white’ with another racial information. Incorporating ‘whiteness’ always assists your ranking! Indeed it is quite a distance toward undoing any prejudice against you.”

This information elevates SOME fascinating concerns — to begin with, tend to be these  designs mirroring reality? Or does online dating give individuals a certain independence becoming more discriminatory? I don’t know about yourself, but this might depress myself sufficient to drive me back to the wilds of IRL dating.

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